DORK Supply is run by artists and creators who tattoo. It’s our sister business to DORK Tattoo Parlor located in Downtown, Louisville, KY. Our location at 423 West Chestnut Street has been our primary site for 4 years now, we’re excited to provide more of our goods to a broader audience using the DORK Supply online store.

We are Doree and Mark. Doree is our primary dyer and creator of our handcrafted goods such as hand-dyed/spun yarns, all natural soaps and tattoo aftercare. Mark is our tattoo specialist, deepening connections between tattoo product suppliers and the professionals who need them. It’s our goal to provide goods of supreme quality to local creators in our area. We’re looking to fill the lack of available crafted goods in Louisville with our unique attention to detail and modern perspective.

We are a proud “minority” owned business that accepts and appreciates all walks of life. We are passionate and dedicated to our craft and we have the deepest appreciation for those who can respect this.

With Love,