Frequently Asked Questions

What do you sell?

We sell a limited run of handcrafted goods and supplies for knitters, designers, and professional tattooers. Everything that is in our online collection is what we currently have in stock, we update periodically and notify all subscribers of shop updates.

We value goods that are made by hand, and believe good quality comes from the attention to detail that is made when producing a limited amount of products. We are always looking to rotate and change the type of goods we supply to keep things interesting and fresh. This outlook also helps us reduce waste by minimizing overstocking.

Shipping and handling?

Please visit the shipping and handling page for more information on delivery times and returns.

Will I be able to cancel my pre-order?

We wish you wouldn’t! But we understand if you need to. Yes, you can cancel your pre-order by notifying us of a refund and we will provide the refund back to your payment method.

I saw you have a tattoo shop. Can I get a tattoo?

We handle all tattoo appointments through our DORK Tattoo Parlor website. For more information on scheduling a tattoo appointment, feel free to call us at the shop (502) 915-7768 or email: .